Why Joining a Professional Networking Group Makes Good Sense

There are many advantages to pursuing membership in a leads, networking or tips club. For most business owners, the most important of these is acquiring new business leads, but it might surprise you to learn about the additional benefits of membership in a professional networking organization.

When you get a lead from someone in a networking group, you are getting information on a prospective customer who has already developed a purchasing relationship with a fellow expert. When you receive a referral, the referred clients are usually ready to buy, and a referral from a trusted partner will often provide your organization with a competitive edge.

For many business owners, that is worth every cent of membership fees, but the dividends of membership only begin there. Compare this scenario with how you presently do business:

Imagine walking into your first business meeting with a new client. You're already regarded as an expert in your field, since your Tips Club colleague has given you a warm recommendation. You've substantially decreased the time spent prospecting for a new client and advertising to get this far, so you've got time and energy to devote to solving their problem in the best possible manner.

The client is more relaxed and organized, since the time spent finding quality suppliers and sourcing projects has substantially decreased, allowing them to focus on the problem they are seeking a solution for.

Because you were recommended by a trusted mutual acquaintance, you quickly develop a good rapport with the client and provide them with the outstanding service and professionalism your company is known for. As your client's satisfaction increases, so does your business together, allowing you the opportunity to refer other members as appropriate and further strengthening your client's core business. Each business increases its profits and efficiency as a result of the maturing relationship.

As a result of spending less time and money acquiring new customers, you're able to focus more of your efforts on doing business profitably. You are able to use that time developing new skills or business ventures, enriching personal relationships and worrying less about your businesses future.

If you think these are advantages for your business and are willing to learn the process of networking from people who are here to teach and help you succeed, we'd like to talk with you about membership in the Ventana Ranch Tips Club.

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