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How it all Works

The NMyoungDrivers.com Program works the same way that many of the commercial companies "How's My Driving" program works. By placing a sticker on the back of your teens vehicle, other drivers will have an easy way to provide feedback regarding your child's driving behavior.

When a report is received, parents are contacted via e-mail to keep them informed. Utilizing this information, concerned parents can work with their teens to correct poor driving activity and reinforce safe driving behavior.

No Charges or Fees!!

At this time, there are no charges or fees for this service. The owner and creator if this site is a local Albuquerque insurance agent that is the father of six children. Please visit our insurance agency site to get a free quote at www.warnerins.com

Open the Lines of Communication

The goal of this site is not only to try and keep our children safer but also to open lines of communication between parents and young drivers. It is our hope that you, as a family, will use the information here to create a program that works for you. Please use the resources available (similar sites, sample contracts , teen site links, etc...) to get started.

Similar Sites

For many years we have all seen the How's my driving sticker on the back of commercial trucks (please see their site howsmydriving.com). While building this site we were very happy to see other sites from concerned parents and individuals (DadsEyes.com , TellMyMom.com , KeepMyTeenAlive.com , MyParentsWorry.com and Tattle-Tale.com).

Sample Contracts Found on the Internet

While researching for this site, we ran into some contracts that are available through other sites. These links are for informational purposes only and not a part of NMyoungDrivers.com

Contracts: parentingteendrivers.com / AAAcontract.pdf / GOHS.pdf