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Why are the Parents always the last to know?

Time and time again a parent will stay up late or take a long moment to worry about their child who has just gained their right of passage into the driving world.  Thoughts of the unthinkable or unexpected can torment far beyond a simple distraction. By reporting your observations of teen driving, you could be that extra set of eyes and ears that every parent wishes they had. By submitting your observation by linking to our observation form you may help prevent a tragedy.

The parents and young drivers who have joined NMyoungDrivers.com have committed to a personal contract. Either verbal or from one of the example contracts in this site, there have been promises made and ramifications agreed to. These parents are relying on you and their community to watch over their young drivers when they are physically unable to. More importantly these young drivers are ready, willing and anxious to except the privilege of driving and the responsibilities that they have agreed to.

Some Statistics

  • 14% of all deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are teen drivers.
  • Teen drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents had a youth passenger in the automobile 45% of the time.
  • Of teen drivers fatally injured in automobiles, more than 1/3 were speed related accidents.
  • This age group makes up 7% of licensed drivers, but suffers 14% of fatalities and 20% of all reported accidents.
Reasons for the statistics
Many factors contribute to the cause of teen deaths in motor vehicles. Looking at the causes, it is not hard to see why teen accident and death rates are higher than older drivers. Teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to be the cause of their accidents.

Immaturity is a contributing factor to the high rate of auto crashes and deaths among teenagers. For instance, tailgating and not using seat belts are misjudgments teens make more than older drivers. Making matters worse are teen tendencies to drive smaller vehicles.
Rounding out the problem teenagers face as new drivers is lack of driving skill or inexperience behind-the-wheel. Thrown together, they help explain teenagers' alarming accident and fatality rates in motor vehicles.

Our Service
The parents who have subscribed to NMyoungDrivers.com realize these facts. They care and worry about their child and believe that knowledge of their driving behavior is the best way to protect their teen while behind the wheel. They want to know if their teen driver is showing poor judgment or is driving irresponsibly before there is a tragedy. Your comments and observations will help parents watch over their child when they can't be there.

To report unsafe or reckless driving (or to report courteous driving) simply click on the observation form. Please limit your comments to the facts. Be sure to include the license number, time, location and date as well as the pertinent observations. Emotional barrages, angry comments or rude remarks will not benefit anyone and will not be forwarded to the parent!

No information about the identity of the driver, parent or sender will ever be divulged.